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These videos are on Biblical topics that match the articles with similar titles. May the Lord use them in your life to help you grow in your understanding of the Scriptures.

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Biblical Marriage

Marriage According to the Bible

In this video, Ron shows what Genesis 1 and 2 says about God's creation and plan for marriage. (4:30)

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Biblical Inerrancy

In this series of videos on Biblical Inerrancy, Ron Jones demonstrates that Jesus and the Apostles clearly taught that the Bible is the Word of God and without error in all that it affirms about any subject including historical, geographical, and scientific matters.

Biblical Inerrancy 1: Inerrancy and the Truth of God

In Part 1, Ron explains 2 Timothy 3:16. (18:31)

Biblical Inerrancy 2: Inerrancy and the Truth of Jesus

In Part 2, Ron explains John 17:17 and Jesus' other statements about the truthfulness of Scripture. (15:51)

Biblical Inerrancy 3: Inerrancy and the People of God

In Part 3, Ron explains the statements of Jesus and the apostles concerning the historicity of people and events recorded in the Old Testament. (13:24)

Biblical Inerrancy 4: Inerrancy and the Limits of History

In Part 4, Ron explains the limits of history and archaeology which should prevent secular historians and archaeologists from making definitive claims that the Bible has historical or archaeological errors in it. (18:20)

Biblical Inerrancy 5: Inerrancy and the Bible's Descriptions of Physical Phenomena

In Part 5, Ron explains how the Bible describes the physical phenomena of the universe. It uses the phenomenological language of pre-scientific everyday people describing what they see as they observe the earth and universe which God created. (13:21)

Biblical Inerrancy 6: Inerrancy and the Inferences of Science

In Part 6, Ron explains how the Science is based upon observations (facts) and inferences (assumptions). Scientists claim there are errors in the Bible based not upon observations (facts), but based upon inferences (assumptions). Both the theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory are based upon inferences. They are not facts and cannot be proved. (14:54)

Biblical Inerrancy 7: Inerrancy and the Supernatural

In Part 7, Ron explains that giving a supernatural explanation for miraculous events in the Bible is rational and valid. Those historians and scientists who claim that the Bible has errors in it because the supernatural does not exist are making an irrational claim.