Genesis 1:26 teaches that God created human beings in the image of God. This means that human life is sacred and God created the human body and its human immune system to function as he created it. The Covid-19 vaccines are not like the traditional vaccines which inserted into the human body a weakened form of the virus and activated the immune system to function as God created it to function.

The "new technology" of the Covid-19 vaccines insert genetic code instructions into the cell to direct it to make a spike protein. This interferes with the function of the human immune system. God's intent was for the DNA within a person's body in a cell nucleus to give genetic code instructions not anything outside the cell. Do human beings have the right to interfere with the human immune system and instruct the cell themselves? No. Therefore, I believe is a violation of God's will for humanity.


GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance (gavi.org) produced a video entitled "There are four types of COVID-19 vaccines: here's how they work."

GAVI Video:Four Types of Vaccines (First Two are Traditional Non-C19 Vaccines and Last Two are C19 Vaccines) 4:10 min

In this video (starts describing Covid-19 vaccines at 2:09), GAVI states, "Not all vaccines [traditional ones] are designed to introduce antigens to the body. Some work by using cells in a patient's body to produce the antigens themselves. Examples include viral vector vaccines and mRNA vaccines. In both cases, the goal is to get a short fragment of genetic code taken from the target pathogen, in this case the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes Covid-19, into the patient's cell. By hijacking the cellular mechanisms, these kinds of vaccines mimic the way viruses normally reproduce during natural infection, but rather than creating copies of the virus, the cells only produce large amounts of antigen that then usually trigger a strong immune response."

GAVI admits that the cellular mechanisms are hijacked in order to cause the cell to produce antigens. This is an apt description of the interference the genetic code instructions produce in the cell. "Viral Vector vaccines [Johnson and Johnson/Astra-Zeneca] achieve this by inserting the genetic code for the antigen into a harmless virus which effectively acts like a delivery system to get the code into the cells without causing disease." "Nucleic Acid Vaccines, like mRNA and DNA vaccines [Pfizer and Moderna] also involve inserting genetic code into cells, to produce antigens. But instead of using viruses to deliver the code, these vaccines take a more direct approach that involve inserting the code directly into cells, either by attaching it to a molecule or by forcing it into cells, using a 'gene gun.'" GAVI admits that these vaccines insert genetic code into cells, to produce antigens.

God designed the human immune system so that the DNA in the cell would give genetic instructions to the cell rather than genetic code instructions being inserted by human beings from outside the cell. This describes the interference the genetic code instructions produce in the cell.