< Religious Exemption Request Process

The Religious Exemption Process Explained

Step 1: Request a Religious Exemption from your Employer

As soon as your employer notifies you that they will be mandating the Covid19 vaccines, you need to immediately request a religious exemption from the HR department. The HR department will either give you a form to fill out or ask you to write a personal letter stating your religious beliefs and how or why the Covid19 vaccines violate your religious beliefs.

Step 2:Fill Out the Religious Exemption Request Form from your Employer or write a Personal Letter.

According to the ADA law, the religious beliefs you describe must be sincerely held religious beliefs. This means that you must understand them and be able to articulate them verbally or in writing.

No political beliefs should be on the form or in the personal letter. For example do not write a "I think it is wrong to mandate the vaccines." This form or letter is for religious beliefs only.

No safety issues about the vaccines should be put on the form or in the letter. For example, "I believe that the Covid19 vaccines conatin chemicals that are injurious to the human body."

If you want to use my clergy letter, we must share the same religious beliefs about the Covid19 vaccines. My clergy letter addresses my religious beliefs, not just any beliefs because I want to make sure they are Biblically sound. So, our beliefs from the Bible must match when you turn in your personal statement and my clergy letter. If you want to add your own additional reasons in your personal letter that is up to you, but I do not recommend it.

The two reasons I will not take the Covid19 vaccines are:

1. They use fetal cell lines from abortions.

2. They insert genetic code instructions into the cell thus interfering with the human immune system God created.

Suggestions on how to fill out the Form or what to put in your personal letter

Your form or personal letter and my clergy letter must match.

Suggestions for the Religious Exemption Form or Letter for Employer

Step 3:Request a Clergy Letter from Rev. Ron Jones emailing him at rjtitusinstitute[at]protonmail.com.

Note: My email has [at] which substitutes for @ so I don't get spam.

I will email you a form to sign and return

When I receive the signed form, I will email you a clergy letter.

Technically the ADA law does not require you to send a clergy letter with your religious exemption request form or your religious exemption personal letter, but it saves time so I would attach it.

What about obtaining a clergy letter for children?

Due to the volume of requests, I cannot give parental letters for minor children. However, use your clergy letter and exercise your your parental rights for your minor children. For minor children, it is not your children's religious beliefs that is causing you to keep them from receiving the Covid19 vaccines, but yours.

God has given authority to the parents alone to choose whether their children should receive the Covid Vaccines. Ephesians 6:1 says, "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." And Colossians 3:20 says, "Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord." This clearly establishes the authority God has given to parents for the health and welfare of their children. This means we as parents have the God-given responsibility to take care of the health of the bodies of our children and no one may interfere with that authority and responsibility.

If you have further questions, please email me.